How PeeBuddy used the power of psychological triggers to make the perfect sales pitch


You are on your way to Lonavala. I know it’s a beautiful and sexy destination. You’re enjoying the journey and the weather’s just awesome. You let the soft roof of your convertible Mini down and let your hair tied in the birdie’s nest loose.

With a soft drink in your hand, you’re dancing to one of the racy numbers playing on your car’s music system.

And suddenly you feel an irresistible urge to pee! Ouch!

You ask your friend who’s driving to stop by some dhaba or restaurant or public service toilets.

He tells you there’s no chance he’ll find one on those deserted roads.

You’re spooked!

You sit down and throw away that wretched drink, cross your legs to hold in and put some reverse pressure on your bladder so it doesn’t let out.

The pressure’s now at its peak, your bladder’s all set to burst and spill the damn beans.

“Loos in India are a nightmare for women as they are unclean and the chances of contracting infectious diseases are high. So, we launched ‘PeeBuddy’ which is India’s first portable urination device which can be kept in a bag like any other accessory,” says Deep Bajaj (Co-Founder , PeeBuddy)

We caught up with Deep Bajaj to share the secrets of launching a product in women’s interest and service. And he had a lot of interesting insights to share.

For people who are too busy to read the entire article, here’s a list of actionable insights

  • Every decision that our client takes consists of concious and subconscious emotion . The key to cracking sales deal is understanding the psychology of your client. We all have emotional triggers that drive action and understanding these will help us craft better sales pitch . In this article we see how PeeBuddy used these triggers .
  • PeeBuddy was turned down by all the stores they approached for B2b sales , that’s when they shifted gears and revamped their sales strategy , using the psychological triggers – Authority and Social Proof.
  • They approached orthopaedic surgeons and gynaecologists who after testing our product, gave them recommendations for the product ,which led to them closing deals with many stores.
  • A trigger is an emotion based gut-feeling that we have that helps us avoid the mental pain of cognitive mental evaluation and rational thinking.
  • Authority trigger signals your brain that the seller is credible and has substance. In B2B marketing, authority is the most obvious form of influence not only for sales but for PR as well.
  • PeeBuddy used  the psychological trigger -social proof to validate their idea and increase B2B sales. They tested their product with the help of 60 women and got them to review it. They also got covered by influencers such as Kalki Koechelin  and BBC . A testimonial from an influential is like that of ‘Midas Touch’. This social proof builds trust, makes decision making easier and adds credibility. Leading to more sales 🙂

The Inception: 


“We were on a road trip from Delhi to Jaipur, and while we drank beer and water as much as we wanted, women did not. They were afraid they wouldn’t get a clean place to pee on the highway. They even refused to drink water!

We ended up stopping at every fuel station and Café Coffee Day on the highway to find a toilet that matched their level of cleanliness.  That’s when we realized that this is a real pain-point for all women.  Hence, PeeBuddy was born.

People laughed at the idea and advised me to start it as a hobby but I really did believe in the concept and decided to take the plunge.

PeeBuddy is a disposable, easy to carry tunnel shaped urination device made out of cardboard that fits between the legs and enables women to stand and pee.”


PeeBuddy is now available in several stores such as Mom&Me, NewU, In&Out and several online stores such as Healthkart , FirstCry, Amazon, FlipKart ,Snapdeal etc. The startup has sold about 20,000 packs, worth approximately 15 lakhs, over the last year.

Deep Bajaj (Co- Founder, PeedBuddy) tells us how he used psychological triggers to hustle his way through B2B sales.

Making the sale using Psychological trigger- Authority

“Since PeeBuddy is a fairly new concept in the Indian market , one of the major roadblocks we faced was to convince the store owners that it was actually a viable product.

When we got to the pharmaceutical stores, we were directly shown the door. Everyone had dismissed us away. The leading stores, even the supposedly hyper-modern stores centred on women’s needs did not accept it.

For weeks we couldn’t believe that they had turned us down because we had the word ‘pee’ in our product and because we were talking about ‘women peeing standing’.”

How Deep roped in doctors to spread the word about his product 

“After being shown the door by all the store owners we decided to shift gears and use a different strategy.

We approached orthopaedic surgeons and gynaecologists who after testing our product, gave us recommendations for the product which we then took back to the stores.

The recommendations had made our job very easy!

The stores started welcoming us and readily embraced our product. This also helped us make it available on various platforms online.”

Deep aptly used the science of persuasion to convince his not-interested clients to say yes!
Wondering how this worked?

That’s the authority trigger in action! Suddenly the same product people were slamming doors on became acceptable because doctors (seen an authority) stamped it. 

What’s a trigger, you might ask.

A trigger is an emotion based gut-feeling that we have that helps us avoid the mental pain of cognitive mental evaluation and rational thinking.
Our brain is programmed to comply with requests that activate our appropriate triggers. This is where the magic happens!

“We are not thinking machines, we are feeling machines that think”- Tara Marsh

Research shows that doctors can persuade their patients to buy an exercise program if they display their diplomas on the wall.

Don’t you tend to trust the guy collecting money for parking more, if he is in a uniform than the guy in casuals?

Aren’t you more likely to go to a start-up meet if there is a keynote given by a thought leader or an industry expert?

That’s also the reason why toothpaste brands say ‘recommended by doctors’.

Authority trigger signals your brain that the seller is credible and has substance. In B2B marketing, authority is the most obvious form of influence not only for sales but for PR as well.

There is another way you can use the authority trigger- become the authority yourself!

“So authority goes two ways. At a base level, associate yourself with the authority. Then become entwined with it so you are the authority.” –Stuart Ray

Haven’t you noticed all those CEOs voicing their opinions in 140 characters?
Gary Vaynerchuck. Need I say more?
Have no experts to certify your product?
Giving yourself excuses to build your personal brand?
What about your customers?

Leveraging The Power Of Social Proof To Make The Sale

Here’s how PeeBuddy uses the social proof trigger to influence not only its potential customers but also its B2B clients.
“We divided our customers into two segments:
First Segment:

Regular Customers: Running marathons, , trekking etc. So for that we decided to make it available on regular retail outlets.
Second Segment:
Medical Use: Arthritis patients and pregnant women.

PeeBuddy’s witty campaigns that instantly grab attention perfectly represent the persona they target

We had close to 10 variations of the product when we finally reached a consensus and filed a patent for it. We conducted a focused -group test, where 60 women from all agegroups tested the product and gave their reviews.”
PeeBuddy’s website and Facebook page is filled with rave reviews from its users, have a look:
“I swear by it. I always carry one in my bag. I do a lot of road trips with my husband and thanks to one task of travelling is made easy. We can stop the car anywhere and I too have the freedom to pee standing now 🙂 Ridhima Bahl

“Totally love the freedom this Pee Buddy gives.It is a part of my must carry list in my handbag. With the daily commute comes the need for hygienic restrooms for women considering you don’t want to always squat n pee.. now that isn’t in your control so what could be your best mate than a pee buddy which gives you the freedom to stand n pee… Thanks Deep Bajaj for this super awesome product which is such a respite.”- Souniya Khurana
We humans have a herd mentality. We may think we are individualistic but deep within we are influenced by people around us. If your clients see that your existing customers are happy with you, they will surely be persuaded to say yes!

PeeBuddy approached the organizers of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and they agreed to make the product available for its female runners, that’s where their biggest validation came from .

Another way PeeBuddy builds its social trust is by taking surveys from potential customers to understand their pain points and opinions on the product. Here’s an example of PeeBuddy’s survey:
This not only creates awareness about the existence of PeeBuddy but also helps them understand their target audience better.

PeeBuddy also managed to get recommendations from influencers like social activist and actress Kalki Kochelin, who tweeted about them. Various publications like BBC,The Alternative, First Post ,YourStory etc. covered their story, praising the concept.

Influencers have an established reputation and a proven credibility which is why their views matter a lot. Psychologists define this as the ‘Halo Effect’ (when you like someone, you start to like everything about that person, you overlook the wrongs and focus on the rights, ever fallen in love? ;)).

A testimonial from an influential is like that of ‘Midas Touch’.

Social proof builds trust, makes decision making easier and adds credibility.
So start ‘social proofing’ your next sales pitch.

Do not have any existing customers to validate your product or service?
Don’t worry.

Here’s a bonus insight for you:

Invoke Reciprocity To Influence B2B Sales Prospects

If someone offers you something of value, aren’t you obliged to give something back?

“If you do something nice for me I’ll do something nice for you.”

So how does a great sales person use reciprocity in her/his sales pitch?

They focus on what’s best for the client rather than how they can sell their particular product- they think of service before sale!
Has anyone ever been able to put a square peg in a round hole?
It’s impossible, isn’t it?
Great sales people create a round peg to fit in a round hole, instead!
So I hope you are ready to make your perfect sales pitch.


So what are your thoughts? Are you going to carry one of these, costing Rs.120 a pop for your next trip?

Do you see yourself being comfortable when standing and peeing? I know these are personal questions but my comment box can accommodate those, happily.

Or if you’re a startuper, are you going to draw some inspiration from those campaigns that perfectly represent the ideal persona of this product and use these powerful psychological triggers in your next sales pitch ?

Feel free to leave your pee-fuelled comments below. Keep the poop at bay! Let’s chat.

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