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A compilation of powerful Facebook advertising hacks

I have been speaking to a lot of my friends who run Facebook ads to generate more leads for their business or company and they always have this complain that the quality of Facebook leads they get sucks!

Be it in terms of people liking their page/posts or the app downloads. Even after spending tons of money on Facebook they do not get the desired results.
A lot of people do not find Facebook as a good platform for advertising simply because they miserably failing at using the true potential of Facebook advertising.  So, I have compiled a list of smart actionable insights that you can use to run a Facebook ad that actually converts!
I am not going to be telling you how to run a Facebook Ad as I am assuming you are already familiar with it. If not ,here is a list of some of the best guides you can go through for an in-depth understanding on running Facebook ads for your business:
So let’s start :

The most wonderful aspect of Facebook Advertising: Targeting 

Facebook can be the best and the most affordable medium of generating more business if used effectively. The thumb rule for getting conversions through your Facebook ads is – ‘Show right ad to the right people’.
Here are some set of questions you need to write down and answer before set up your Facebook ad audience. Sit back ,relax and answer:
Who is your ideal buyer?
Make a small note on your ideal buyer – give him/her a name and a face!
Then right down these details:
Age ?
Social Status ?
Place where he lives ?
What keeps him up at night? (His struggles, challenges, problems , plans, dreams)
Where does he hang out ?
If he doesn’t buy from you , where does he go?
What is his Financial situation?
Once you have answered these questions you are all set to create a great Facebook ad.
If you want to dive deeper , here’s an amazing guide:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Reader Personas

Understanding Their Interests: 
Further , there are two ways targeting or creating your Facebook audience.
If you have used Facebook ads before or have a running business with a good customer base,  you might be well aware of creating custom audiences. Let me come back to that later.
First let me address the people who are starting from scratch or have a customer base of less than one thousand.
You might have noticed that Facebook gives you an option of interest based advertising .
Facebook ads Interests
I usually have a tough time understanding their interest. It’s mostly a guess game for me . But no more , here is a process you can use to get those interests in place.
Step 1: 
Think of just one website that your ideal buyer goes to. Just one.
Then visit one of these links to find out other similar sites :
Step 2: 
The next step is to use the ultimate internet machine – Google
Google the biggest pain of your ideal buyer and look for first two website which are specific to the pain point and add them to your interest chart.
This  Slack ad is one of my favourite examples: 
The ad has one image as a focal point and bold text.
It clearly understands the frustration its ideal users go through while sitting in meetings.
Step 3:
Go to Facebook Search Bar and type : Pages Liked By People Who Like ____ (type the name of the page your ideal buyer may like) . This will help you know the interests of your buyer better.

Learn more about Facebook Ad Targeting with this guide:How to Target Facebook Ads to Your Audience

Creating a Custom Audience with your email list: 

It’s the best way to lower to the advertising cost but can only be used if you already have an email list of your potential customers or Facebook pixel installed on your website or based on your app activity.

To create custom audience use Facebook’s power editor.

Choose ‘Custom Audiences’ and the ‘Create Audience’ .

But I won’t be talking about that in detail but I found this comprehensive free ebook for you to download and read : The Ultimate Guide to Custom Audiences 2016

Creating Custom Audience through Videos and Lead ads 

 What I want to talk about is a new addition on Facebook that helps you create a custom audience based on engagement on your Facebook Page.

This is one of the most effective features of Facebook advertising and it’s very simple! There are two ways:
  • Videos
  • Lead ads

custom audience

 Using Video To Create A Custom Audience: 

You might be seeing a lot videos on Facebook these days with it’s auto play feature videos

custome audience 2

Upload a small video (less than two minutes) and then retarget the users who have seen those videos . Facebook videos are fastest consumable content and have completely revolutionized the way brands use social media to grow their business.

You can get really specific by targeting people who have watched more than 25% of the video and create a lookalike audience of the same . If you are not sure how to create a lookalike audience here’s a guide:

A step by Step Guide to High-Converting Facebook Ads – Lookalike Audiences Advertising

You do not have to create a video ad for this ,just upload video like a normal post. However, you can boost this post in order to get more views.

Facebook let’s you select more than one video:

video engagement

And you can ad more than one condition to target different videos.

video engagement 2

Here’s an example of Tech Insider’s Facebook Video that doesn’t require users to turn their volume button up.


Source : Buffer 

50% of people who visit Facebook daily watch at least one video a day, and the number of video posts by brands as increased 3.6X in just one year.

You have 5 seconds to capture attention! 

Yes just 5 seconds and you lose! Oooops.

Make videos that have a compelling start and a bold text. Make sure it’s less than 2 minutes (people have too much content to consume and too less time and even lesser attention span) .

The viewers of your videos have already engaged with your brand and are much more likely to convert into customers , therefore re targeting them makes perfect sense as they recognize you.  Videos can be about anything related to your brand but yes it should definitely resonate with your ideal buyer.

Coming to the most important aspect of Facebook Ads.

Using Leads To Create Custom Audience: 

Coming straight from my Facebook Wall here’s an example of an ad:

lead ad

It offers me something for free i.e. A free profile review.  and when I click on learn more -the lead page opens on Facebook itself making it a really low- barrier entry.  Have a look: 




I have opened the lead form I haven’t filled it , so the Facebook knows that I do have interest in this program. With this information ,the advertiser can use the new lead engagement tool having the following options:

  1. Anyone who opened the form
  2. People who opened the form but did not submit
  3. People who opened the and submitted the form

lead ad3

Types of Facebook Ads you can create: 

Brand Awareness Ads: 
These ads do not sell anything but seduce you to become familiar with them and recognize them. They create a sense of connection with their ideal buyer through compelling content .
These can be through blog posts , images or videos around the brand or about trending topics .
Dove is the best example for this : 
Authority building article ads: 
These are some of the ads that help the brand position itself as the authority or an expert in the niche.
Another form of brand awareness can be done by offering something for free.
Here’s an example :
Payoneer offers me a free white paper in lieu of my details to re target me again and sell me their services.
Optin Ads:
This is to most used type of ad where the advertiser directly sells something and urges users to take an action : buy/shop/apply /like etc
Video ads: 
These are just meant to seed the idea of the product or service offered with a call to action at the end. Usually very short.
Re targeted ads:
These are directed towards people who have engaged with your brand or business before .
Now now ,anyone can use these features and make an ad right?
So what sets your business apart?
What will make people click on your ad and buy your stuff.
Here’s the secret sauce that I learnt and I think it’ll be very useful for you guys too!


The Secret Sauce of Facebook Advertising: 

Our advertising can only succeed if we are able to make a connect with our ideal customer and resonate with their needs ,wants or desires.
People want :
People Don’t want: 
So if you are touching on these points -you are on the right track.


Here are 10 ways to allure your ideal buyer: 

1) Sell them a dream
Have you ever thought of being _____
Plan your dream _____today
Have you ever dreamt of being _____
Change your life by _______
The ____that you always wanted is here
dream facebook ad
2) Show they are or will be better than the rest 
Create a ___ that will eat up your competitors
Make your friends jelous with_______
How to leave every other ______in the dust
Get _____faster than others
Here’s an example that creates a sense among students that BYJU will help them become better than others with these techniques ,short cuts and strategies.
vyju facebook ad
3) Point out their exact problem or pain point 
Struggling with_____?
Stuck on____?
Always wondered how you can _____?
Here’s an example : 
Here’s my favourite example:
Here’s another:
4) Use Numbers
60% of the people use this _____
70% people are _____
instabounce facebook ad
5) Make them click fast – create urgency 
Offer closes today
Hurry book your slots we have limited seats
You snooze , you lose
Only __hours left
Your chance to ___ goes away in ____
kaya facebook ad
Another example :
music facebook ad
6)  Be very specific 
How to lose ___in____
How to get____without having to ___
10 step plan to____
Yes it is possible to ____
spine facebook ad
7) Create a fear of missing out: 
13 mistakes you don’t know you are making
10 most common mistakes. How many are you making?
This is your opportunity to ____

Hey, if you want to create a multi-purpose ad like the one shown above , here’s the guide: How to Create Killer Multi-Product Ads with Facebook Power Editor

One more example :
8) Use Big and Bold Statements – Don’t shy away
9) Tell a story 
This is how I?
Want to know how?
The moment that changed everything.
They never thought it was possible until she did it ..This is her story!
Here are few examples: 
Another one : 
dove beauty video post
And one last ,this is a great example of how a brand can tell their story: 
There’s one more : 
agilent facebook post
10) Compelling photos: 
Photos are the most attractive part of your Facebook ad campaigns  so make them as compelling as you can . Also, images should have ONE focal point.
Here’s an example of how ClassPass uses images to attract attention:
Here’s another one :
You should ideally use images that invoke:
Image Text:
Image Text should not be more than 20% of the image.
Quick pointers for the image text: 
  • A call to action
  • Create urgency or scarcity
  • Offer something for free
  • A strong value proposition
  • A punch line about the offering
 I have more : 
 A list of words that drive action :
  • You
  • Free
  • Now
  • Simple or easy
  • Powerful
  • Introducing or annoucing
  • Again
  • Instantly
  • An important announcement
  • Because
  • New
  • How to
  • Revolutionary
  • It’s here
  • Just arrived
  • The truth about
  • Hurry or Quick or Last Chance
  • Magic
  • Offer


So this was a compiled list of powerful Facebook hacks. I hope you’ll use it for your next Facebook ad. Don’t forget to comment about your results 😉  
I am 21 . A dreamer. You can find me sitting in coffee shops in Delhi, sipping a cup of tea. A sucker for good stories and interesting people. I believe every person you meet has a little role to play in your life. Looking forward to hear stories of hustlers , ‘think different kinds’, who love to break conventions and most importantly can add some good value 🙂

If you have something to say you can catch me at .

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